Outer socket fabrication

In spot where pump has been planned, place pump dummy on silicone surface (under PVA foil). Then, standard lamination should be carried out as in case of classic double-layer socket. After lamination is complete, expose pump area by sanding top surface of laminate on dummy. Silicone inlet/outlet tubing of PneumoSilint socket should also be exposed. When connecting both sockets into one, place pump on outer surface of PneumoSilint, insert it inside outer socket so that pump dome and release valve fit previously created space in outer socket. Then connect outer socket with PneumoSilint, adjust length of pump tubing to distance from inlet/outlet tubing and connect through LUER LOCK connector.

Celem projektu jest opracowanie leja protetycznego z pneumatycznym systemem adaptacji do zmian objętości kikuta i powłoką zmniejszającą tarcie.
Wartość projektu: 642.000,00 zł, dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 513.600,00 zł.