Air chambers arrangement

Based on experience of prosthetists cooperating with us and numerous consultations with amputees, we recommend locating air chambers in areas with soft tissues. It is these regions that fluctuate in volume. Soft tissues can be gently compressed, which will make filled chamber perfectly and comfortably adhere to skin of stump over its entire surface. We do not recommend placing chambers in regions of bone points. Suggested Air Chamber Areas:

Transtibial socket:

  • Lateral and medial surface along tibia at front of shin
  • Posterior surface of shin in gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of calf (works well with chambers along tibia)
  • Lateral surface of shin below head of fibula
  • Medial surface of shin in region of medial head of gastrocnemius muscle

Tranfemoral socket:

  • Lateral surface of thigh below greater trochanter of femur on surface of tensor fasciae latae muscle and along course of iliotibial band
  • Anterior surface of thigh in area of ​​rectus femoris of quadriceps muscle of thigh
  • Posterior surface of thigh in longitudinal “buttock canal”
  • Posterior surface of thigh in region of semitendinus and biceps femoris muscles of thigh
  • Medial surface of thigh in area of thigh adductors muscle group

When planning arrangement of chambers in upper limb socket, remember that they should be located in soft tissue regions. Good results are obtained by placing chambers on opposite sides of socket.

It is not a closed scheme for arrangement of chambers. We leave final decision to prosthetists. We do not want to limit creativity and individual approach to each patient in any way. If you have any questions about location or shape of chambers, please contact us.

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