About us
NK TECH is a SPIN-OFF company that has existed since the beginning of 2019. It was established by a team of an employees and a graduates of the Lublin University of Technology together with Pollub-Invest LTD – an alliance between business and of the Lublin University of Technology.
The main company objectives is to develop a new generation of silicone prosthetic socket. This action is carried out by an interdisciplinary team combining competences in the area of ​​biomaterials, biomedical engineering, prosthetics of the musculoskeletal system and cooperation with business. The company received support under the AlfaBRIdge project implemented by NCBIR with the participation of the YouNickMint investment fund. The company's goal is to implement on to the market the developed solution, which we hope will significantly improve the quality of life of the prosthetic limb users.
MSc. Krzysztof Nazar
(co-Founder, Executive Director CEO)

A graduate of biomedical engineering at the Lublin University of Technology. Has developed his professional career from the very beginning by working on innovative medical devices – Professional experience gained in companies such as Balton LTD and 45Stages LTD. In order to take an active part in the development of the medical industry, he has initiated the establishment of the NK TECH company. The company was founded in association with the Lublin University of Technology and scientists from that university. The goal he set to achieve for NK TECH and himself is to improve the quality of life for the amputee with an use a prosthesis. He has established that the work should begin with the most crucial element of the prosthesis success, which is the prosthetic socket.

prof. dr hab. Eng. Tomasz Klepka
(co-Founder, Vice President VP)

Associate professor, Head of the Department of Technology and Polymer Processing at the Lublin University of Technology. Has conducted research and development works in the field of designing and manufacturing new products from polymer materials, as well as complex technological processing. Scientific interests include theoretical and experimental work on new materials and polymer compositions from primary and secondary materials, spraying emulsions on the surface of plastic products, testing optical-telecommunication cables and pipes, production of new innovative axisymmetric products and construction of innovative research and measurement devices for selected physical quantities.

Maciej Karpiński
(co-Founder, Chief Technologist CTO)

Limb prosthetist, orthopedic technician with many years of experience in the production and adjustment of individual prosthetic, orthotic equipment and various types of prosthetic sockets at all levels of limb amputation. A specialist in the selection of prosthetic supplies after lower and upper limb amputation. In the course of my work, I got to know the full range of materials and techniques used in the production of prosthetic sockets. I worked in prosthetic laboratories in the production departments and in direct contact with the patient, which translated into the knowledge of everyday life problems and the needs of amputees. My main goal is to help people who have lost limbs and provide them with a higher standard of living. To achieve this goal, I use the latest achievements in the field of materials and technologies used in the production of prosthetic sockets and develop my own ideas and methods.

We are certified according to ISO 13485: 2016
Celem projektu jest opracowanie leja protetycznego z pneumatycznym systemem adaptacji do zmian objętości kikuta i powłoką zmniejszającą tarcie.
Wartość projektu: 642.000,00 zł, dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 513.600,00 zł.